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As I posted previously, I’ve started a trip to learn a little more about the Next.js framework using it to build my personal webpage as an SSR application. In this post, I’ll talk about how to configure a Next.js project to use Material-UI.

But first of all, what is Material-UI?. Material-UI is one of the most-known React UI framework that implements Google’s Material design pattern. The official documentation is perfectly organized and, there is a bunch of posts (like this) that will give you a better explanation about what Material-UI is. At least better than me for sure.

Well, let’s…

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Most of the time I spend in front of my laptop is working on the hidden side of DevOps and BackEnd developments. However, some times, I get over the other side to not forget my little knowledge about the frontend world. This time, I decided to rebuild my old-fashioned personal webpage from scratch using the NextJS framework.

Next.js is a React framework to create a zero-configuration, SSR (Server-side rendering) project.

I was looking for solutions to increase the SEO/SEM trying to figure out an alternative to get over an SSR application with React when I ran across Next.js. …

Django is, in terms of documentation, one of the most complete projects than I have ever worked. Any weird issue wich solution is not inside the official documentation, is likely to be amongs either Medium or StackOverFlow or any other well-known blog of technology in the enormous jungle of internet.

By the same way, Amazon Web Services (AWS) have an extended and helpful documentation which include tutorials, API references, examples and thousands of examples than help you to put in practice which you have learned.

Nevertheless, sometimes you have to face problems which solution is neither easy to find nor…

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